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Thursday, 25 December 2008 01:32

Yad Tomech has accepted upon themselves the tremendous task of performing these essential and numerous acts of kindness, many of which are a matter of saving lives. They literally prevent families from destruction chas v’shalom. Many have successfully survived very delicate situations and Yad Tomech stood by them the entire time until they were completely past it.

A passage from a letter to Yad Tomech (a free translation)

“It is difficult for me to express my deep gratitude for what you did for us. I can not imagine what would have happened without your help. We are a family that is, Baruch Hashem in an excellent financial situation. However, in the difficult period that we just went through, I just did not know how to cope. We felt alone. There was nobody to help us.
Then you arrived like an angel from heaven. You simply saved us. It was all done with a loving relationship and true concern for our well being. We felt so good. The help in the house, the devoted care for the children, the tasty food that you sent, we saw that there is somebody who thinks about others and seeks to help them in any way possible. We simply thank Hashem that there exists such a wonderful organization.”

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